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History of Champions

Mid-Pacific Open started its tradition by combining the Lanikai Cup for amateurs and the Campos Trophy for local golf professionals into one prestigious event. The Mid-Pacific Country Club and its proud members have continued to uphold this fine golfing tradition for more than 61 years.

The inaugural Mid-Pacific Open was held in 1956 and Guinea Kop was crowned as the first tournament champion, shooting an impressive 72-hole tournament score of 285. In 1968, touring golf professional Jerry Barber set the tournament record of 14 under par. This record remained for the next 18 years until up and coming golf professional David Ishii posted a 72-hole gross score of 271, shattering the record by 3 strokes. This tournament record still stands today. David went on to win another two times with his most recent victory in 2006.

The names etched on the Open perpetual trophy are some of Hawaii’s Golfing Legends and inductees into the Hawaii Golf Hall of Fame. Ted Makalena, Jimmy Ukauka, Larry Stubblefield and Ron Castillo have all had this honor. Recent Hall of Fame inductee Lance Suzuki had his name engraved on our Open Trophy a record-setting eight times. This record will not be matched for a long time, if ever.

Other “repeat” winners include three-time champion Greg Meyers and two-time champion Allan Yamamoto. As the legacy of golfing greats continued into the 21st Century, Guinea Kop’s grandson, Regan Lee, captured the title in 2002, 2003, and 2004 becoming Mid-Pacific Open’s first three-peat winner. In 2009, Tadd Fujikawa became the most recent two-time winner. In 2010, Maui-native Samuel Cyr captured the title followed by Nathan Lashley of Arizona in 2011. Nick Mason, another “local boy”, beat Lashley in a playoff to take the title in 2012. Kamehameha Schools’ and University of Hawaii graduate T.J. Kua set a new course record of 62 in 2013, beating the old course record set by Greg Meyers. This occurred in the 2nd round and Kua went on to win the tournament!

While continuing the Mid-Pacific Open’s legendary history, this tournament is one of Hawaii’s premier golfing events. Along with ASPGA’s Hawaii State Open, it remains the only open tournament for Hawaii professionals. One of only three, 72-hole tournaments in the State, the Open attracts golfers from all islands and abroad who want to see their name etched on the coveted trophy.



Year Professional Championship A-Flight B-Flight Senior Professional Senior Amateur
2022 Alex Ching Tyler Ogawa Eddie Morales William Enomoto Juan Rodriguez, PGA Brandon Kop
2021 Alex Ching Matthew Ma Tyler Tamayori David Long Dean Wilson, PGA Doug Banks
2019 Brent Grant Tyler Ota Tim McClaren Ka’ena Kaulia David Ishii, PGA Kim Perry
2018 Samuel Cyr Tyler Ota Howard Miao Christopher Han Kevin Hayashi Mike Kawate
2017 Jared Sawada Tyler Ota Rusty Santiago David Lee David Ishii, PGA Doug Banks
2016 Parker McLachlin Shawn Lu James Nam William Enomoto Kevin Hayashi, PGA Brandan Kop
2015 Bradley Shigezawa Andrew Chin Marc Arakaki William Enomoto Kevin Hayashi Mike Kawate
2014 Nick Mason Kyle Suppa David Kawaharada David Kochi Casey Nakama Carl Ho
2013 T.J. Kua Kalena Preus David Long Wendell Kop Billy Bomar Doug Banks
2012 Nick Mason Richard Hattori Kyle M Yawata John K Iyoki David Ishii Paul Kimura
2011 Nathan Lashley Kalena Preus Allan Kuaana Michael Yanagihashi David Ishii Doug Banks
2010 Samuel Cyr Lorens Chan Rocky Reed Clifford Nishikawa
2009 Tadd Fujikawa
2008 Tadd Fujikawa
2007 Darren Summers
2006 David Ishii
2005 John Lynch
2004 Regan Lee
2003 Regan Lee
2002 Regan Lee
2001 Larry Stubblefield
2000 Beau Yokomoto
1999 Greg Meyer
1998 Keith Kollmeyer
1997 Greg Meyer
1996 Casey Nakama
1995 Brandan Kop
1994 Deron Doi
1993 Lance Suzuki
1992 Lance Suzuki
1991 Jeff Richardson
1990 Greg Meyer
1989 David Ishii
1988 No Tournament
1987 Lance Suzuki
1986 David Ishii
1985 Richard Martinez
1984 Lance Suzuki
1983 Lance Suzuki
1982 Wendell Tom
1981 Lance Suzuki
1980 Allan Yamamoto
1979 John Kalinka
1978 Lance Suzuki
1977 Lance Suzuki
1976 Allan Yamamoto
1975 Charles Barenaba
1974 Ron Castillo, Sr.
1973 Larry Lee
1972 Larry Stubbelfield
1971 Chipper Garriss
1970 Rick Weihe
1969 Joe Carr
1968 Allan Yamamoto
1967 No Tournament
1966 Jerry Baber
1965 Jesus Rodriguez
1964 Paul Scodeller
1963 Jerry Barber
1962 Paul Scodeller
1961 No Tournament
1960 Al Greer
1959 Paul Scodeller
1958 Ted Makalena
1957 Ted Makalena
1956 Guinea Kop