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The nomination process for the 2022 Aloha Section Special Awards is open to all members of the Aloha Section PGA of America that are in good standing. This year the process from nomination to selection has been slightly revised to better align the Aloha Section with the standards of our National Office and other Sections.

As a reminder, these members are not eligible to be nominated if they received that particular award within the last (2) years. Below is a list of previous winners from the last two (2) years.

Should you have any questions about the process please feel free to contact me directly or Executive Director – Wesley Wailehua (808) 593-2230




  1. Members in good standing may nominate a fellow member of the Section (which may include his/her self) for any of the award categories. A valid PGA Member number is required to complete the nomination form online.
  2. The Aloha Section office will handle the verification process of each nominee. After the nominee has been validated, an email will be sent to the nominee requesting:

              a) confirm their acceptance of the nomination,

             b) submit a written statement or video on how they fit the award criteria, and

             c) a photo of the nominee that will be used by the Section.

These three criteria must be completed and returned to the Aloha Section office no later than September 29, 2023 – Friday.

  1. The Chairman of the Special Awards Committee is the Secretary of the Board for the Aloha Section PGA.
  2. The Awards Committee will schedule a interview with the member who makes the nomination to get additional testimony on the nominee.
  3. Following the committee investigations a committee call will be held to review each nominee application. After all applications have bene reviewed an online voting ballot will be used to select the award winner. The results from the online committee voting will be validated by the Aloha Section office.
  4. Once the voting is complete, the Committee Chair shall review the results with the committee before submitting any recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval.
  5. After receiving approval from the Board of Directors, the President shall contact the awardees and a formal announcement will be made prior to the Annual Meeting.
  6. The recipients of the award will be recognized at the annual Ho’olaule’a Awards ceremony.