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Hawaii Golf Alliance

The Mission

HI Golf Alliance Logo

The mission of the Hawai`i Golf Alliance is to provide a unified voice to represent the game and golf-related businesses in Hawai`i. The alliance is an all‐inclusive organization representing the entire golf industry and not a specific segment; to not only serve the interests of the golf industry but to serve the greater good for the state of Hawai`i; and facilitate improved communications and coordination between the associations and assist in tasks with tournament schedule, which mutually benefit the entire industry.

The golf industry is an important segment in Hawai`i’s economy. It not only supports and is affected by the participants in the industry, but it contributes to Hawai`i’s tourism and other activities within the state. It includes a multitude of corporate, not for profit, and government organizations.

The Hawai`i Golf Alliance collaborates with state agencies, including HVCB, HTA, and others to engage in activities such as research, education, marketing, lobbying, and tournaments to improve the golf industry in Hawai`i by increasing access and maintaining the cost of golf so that it is affordable to all.


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